You are only human
You are 200,000 years old
You are now modern
Or so I´ve been told

From the times of Ancient Greece
through war-torn seasons
to societies in peace
you´ve committed treason

The treason of the sexes
The treason of the Church
Petty treason
For treason we search

The treason of the common
The treason of the skin
The treason of the mind
The treason within

The populist hands out
the Sakharov Prize
To the hero so stout
only after his demise

From the Age of Enlightenment
past the Civil Rights Act
through the Millennium Goals
back to hell and back

The violations of law
confine the Mothers to the Square
Anti-gay laws
in Russia beware

Malala´s education
as the Untouchables sigh
The small farmer´s marginalisation
in the Age of Why

Can we break through
“l´histoire se répète”?
Could we breach that vicious circle
can we make that bet?



Twinkle twinkle little star
How I love my war bred scar
Stars and stripes is what we are
Syrria it ain´t too far!

Hell, we won´t stop no chemmy war
But cashing in for second car (third? Yeah!)
Hut one hut two, hut hut hut!
And Sarge say no need to play in the mud!!

[oh darned I ain´t going, just the fly boys this time, f*ck would have been a record 12,000 tour (not counting Germany, that was serious), what´s that? Eyeran? The country? Allright!]

Watch me do the veteran strut



2013-Rondavel-Wild Coast

moon star
water light
umzi rondavel
sweet delight

community shelter
keyless door
rocky passage
sandy floor

ancient custom
modern beer
whales ´n´ dolphins
countless years

cows ´n´ donkeys
Xhosa stew
solar monkey
feeling new


***maxheadroam2013 @the Wild Coast, South Africa

Oh the poetry
you judge the words
like seeing a gypsy in a Victorian garden
you cannot see their meaning
through your filter of ordinarity
and your impediment of fear
you roll up like a little ball
to fit the ant´s straight jacket
and infinity is lost forever
as you vertically group your Red soldiers
against your Latin Board, your Inquisitive myth, McCarthy stiff
and paint over society
without missing a single scar
or so you think
and so you sink
in your oppressionist perception
to punish the Joke of complex reality
pleased to meet you
I am a channel
an underground river
flowing below your feet
to infinity



It’s not all in fear that we live
It’s not only humanists who give
It’s not only warm near the sun
It’s not being safe behind a gun
There aren’t only flowers in the spring
It’s not at all too late to do your thing
It’s not about the numbers on a clock

It’s not about the value of the stock
It’s not that I think that you are mine
It’s not in the grape that makes the wine
It’s not that denial lives in our heart
It’s not that I don’t want a fresh start
It’s not the ultimate goal to make a buck
But it’s not that you seem to give a fuck


I will write you a song
Before the end of eternity
I shall dance in the sun
I will revive absurdity

I shall turn flicks in the ballroom
I will teach us to dance
Just out of the ordinary
I shall adopt a new stance

I will gather Bohemians
We will sit in the sand
You shall watch the comedian
File his libertine stand

The flower is yet to blossom
Before the end of its days
and shall break out of its coffin
To show you its true face



Moving lips
Round and wide
Little flicks
Side by side

Oral dream
Soft delight
Glistening drop
Hoped she might

Wordless message
Tip of the tongue
Sweet surprise
Make me come


I want your theatre
Whoever you are
Of the kind that makes me linger
You´ll be my star

Oh la la
Where are the drama queens
Defying reality
those common themes

don´t make me sit
in my lonely theatre
join my fit
out of the perimeter

metaphysical congruence
signified in the eye
such a short sequence
shorter than a lie

time time time you devil
walk me down the aisle
for I´ll marry
the first true clown

and it hurts!



I am the plastic
I roam the seven seas
I am the hand that feeds
Use me once
Come on, use me once
Fill me up, don´t you stop
I am the plastic

Love me one time
You don´t care
Dump me baby

See the turtle swim
Take me to the woods
Hear the seagull pry
Cowardly up the  sky
Don´t worry none
I will carry the goods
I am the plastic

Love me one time
You don´t care
Dump me baby

Let me blow in the wind
I have a thousand lives
Love me two times
How lucky I cry
Go on, dump me then
I am invincible
I am the plastic

Love me one time
You don´t care
Dump me baby

Drag drag drag
It´s just a small affair
Don´t you tell me it´s not fair
I am the plastic
You need me there
You need me there
I am the plastic


***maxheadroam2012; Dudu The Son recorded “I am the plastic” as a song, listen to it here. The song is also available for purchase on iTunes. 

Nostalgic tunes, punk-rock moon
bring me back to summers that never were
times I was not there

glory days of artistic ways
careless clothes
sunbeams through a painted haze

London calling
festival craze
she knows music
this is my place

feminine cynicism
ancient delight
constructive dialogue
put up a fight

we slowly fall asleep
to never wake again
slowly killed by the common day
the common thought

that lucky resuscitation
like a manic state
transcending music
back on a silver plate

seeking the perfect pitch
that immortalises my mind
one more drink to find the switch
black on white