I wave to the child
Gaping up to me from under arms she hides
I am still smiling when she is out of sight
And drones run a country wild
and the Minister will not apologise
for his cash untaxed accidentally caught flight

And while the waiter makes my chest feel warm
with a just a mite of attention
A belief is born
in a part of the world where hearts are torn

where lives change within the hour
and the boy counts the petals of a flower
Between the ashes of a concrete tower
and nothing will stop him from moving ahead
for his indifference will stand him in good stead

And the debauched politician mutters sobering words
of promises of security and theories unheard
While the man abandons his cigarette butt
right on the foundation of society´s gut

And while the people decide on abstruse matters of state
A bird flies across the borders of hate
over mountain springs and wildly colourful things
past a leopard licking her young
tangling with a butterfly dancing in the sun

And the banks are lending out your money dear
so big business can grow year by year
and appoint football players as global ambassador
while the scores reveal a political massacre

And I smile as I watch the children play
And I smile as we live another day
life is what you make it, it´s all ok
we were not made to last…anyway