If you would say “daddy, what would you like me to be?”
I’d say “son, I’m so glad you ask me”.
For starters I´d wish you´d be careful,
although that´s just a selfish thought.
I do hope as a hypocrite you’ll never be caught
(at least not at scale).

I would like you to be powerful,
nothing more like a silent tree on a hard-pressed trail.
And I trust you’ll be mindful,
of the world down to a little snail.
I hope you’ll be critical
of people, yourself and me.
And I want you to be physical,
just like an eager cat or a humming bee.

I hope you will be joyful,
like an otter in the sea.
And how I wish that your dreams and hopes,
will be the light that we see.

But most of all, most of all
I want you to be free…