the people were sitting at the crossroads, five columns thick, hundreds of rows long

they waited for the water and wind to arrive from the northern passageway, throwing them over like domino´s on first contact. they knew this was only the start, it would get much worse

the fire came from the eastern passageway, unexpectedly, killing one woman and one man

then the wrecked machines charged in from the south, with great speed, and the Great Casualty started

the western side was silent

as the chaos reached its peak I clamped myself against the wall on the eastern passageway

but I had to soon move to avoid getting hit by all the iron wreckage flying around

I saved a child, taking her into my arms, and entered the skeleton of a building up the road. It was completely burned

I waited with the sleeping child in my arms, then killed the scavenger with his own blunt knife

I re-earthed the old tree in the room but was short on earth and could not fill the gap

I went downstairs and watched the housemates. they put my name on a door. I did not speak to them