Arousing bottle
Stylish classy in a non pretentious way
Released from an equally smart cask
Abut a pleasant rustling fire spectrum

Lights up the mood
Behind a jazzy cloud
Of distinguished remarks
Inside an obsolescent relic

Here I sit alone…
Holding the universe
At close watch
And arm´s length

Here I sit clear of moral dilemma
Safeguarded from feigned distress
Chaperoned away from the ice-cold dawn
Guarded from twisted obscurity

Here I am championed by the finest of men
Tonight we burn Cedar trees and digest blue fin tuna
Here we exhibit jolly conventional energy
And herald abstract thought

The wit of innovative financing
The triumphant structuring of a complex deal
Surely will pull our economy out of its ailing slump
And light up a million candles for the wanting

Maybe squash tomorrow