if it´s just one life time
the trade-offs are incredible
lock-ins and missed opportunities
just while you are gathering your thoughts

Time rolls on like a river to the sea
eroding bodies and dreams along the way
dissolving second chances…
and the will to play

yet what joy lies in the dawning of the day!
in the smile of a stranger
and the wind in your face
in the wit of the aging
with the fire there to stay

I am immortal because I say so
I will live on through you
if I have touched one mind
my pain will be my virtue

I live





way out of the perimeter

far beyond the lie

where mountains drown anonymously in spectral skies

moss spreads green sensations on granite walls

water wrinkles immaculate rings

below perpetual cascades in limpid streams


that´s where I´ll find you

hidden in truth

that´s where I´ll meet you

ready to move


20181102-Colour visions-Pijun-Ava

Illustration: Pijun (2018)

we shall take back virtue

and reinstate respect

we´ll show them the force of nature

will not tolerate neglect

as the cool wind gently caresses my mind

I get ready for the battle against my kind





when the good die young or something of the sort
through out time lives cut short
I imagine the lost potential for witty remarks
as you stood there smiling in the park

lost idiosyncratic knowledge and exchange of thought
as you sat there at the terrace behind a beer you bought
like a pierced barrel of wine running empty to the earth
like purpose lost for giving birth

you see the lorry would simply not relent
as it screeched on the sidewalk around the bend
and now its wheels forever run behind my eyes
through war and peace and the scars of time

I must remember you
as a day of sunshine



I wave to the child
Gaping up to me from under arms she hides
I am still smiling when she is out of sight
And drones run a country wild
and the Minister will not apologise
for his cash untaxed accidentally caught flight

And while the waiter makes my chest feel warm
with a just a mite of attention
A belief is born
in a part of the world where hearts are torn

where lives change within the hour
and the boy counts the petals of a flower
Between the ashes of a concrete tower
and nothing will stop him from moving ahead
for his indifference will stand him in good stead

And the debauched politician mutters sobering words
of promises of security and theories unheard
While the man abandons his cigarette butt
right on the foundation of society´s gut

And while the people decide on abstruse matters of state
A bird flies across the borders of hate
over mountain springs and wildly colourful things
past a leopard licking her young
tangling with a butterfly dancing in the sun

And the banks are lending out your money dear
so big business can grow year by year
and appoint football players as global ambassador
while the scores reveal a political massacre

And I smile as I watch the children play
And I smile as we live another day
life is what you make it, it´s all ok
we were not made to last…anyway


if I would have the time to write you a single poem to capacity
it would vibrate your laces
and induce your mind
I would transform your thoughts
until a state of blind
deceit was mine

yes I´ll be bad
because you want it
yes you´ve been had
like a snared gin
emptied within
the glass confinement
of lukewarm sin

There is no God
That triggers my faith
In human redemption
There is no way
Through pay or play
To satisfy
Your sexual dimensions

there is no fate
not to any ultimate state
that would prevent innate devastation
we reign the world
in a virtual twirl
of feigned contemplation [suck back]


If you would say “daddy, what would you like me to be?”
I’d say “son, I’m so glad you ask me”.
For starters I´d wish you´d be careful,
although that´s just a selfish thought.
I do hope as a hypocrite you’ll never be caught
(at least not at scale).

I would like you to be powerful,
nothing more like a silent tree on a hard-pressed trail.
And I trust you’ll be mindful,
of the world down to a little snail.
I hope you’ll be critical
of people, yourself and me.
And I want you to be physical,
just like an eager cat or a humming bee.

I hope you will be joyful,
like an otter in the sea.
And how I wish that your dreams and hopes,
will be the light that we see.

But most of all, most of all
I want you to be free…


the people were sitting at the crossroads, five columns thick, hundreds of rows long

they waited for the water and wind to arrive from the northern passageway, throwing them over like domino´s on first contact. they knew this was only the start, it would get much worse

the fire came from the eastern passageway, unexpectedly, killing one woman and one man

then the wrecked machines charged in from the south, with great speed, and the Great Casualty started

the western side was silent

as the chaos reached its peak I clamped myself against the wall on the eastern passageway

but I had to soon move to avoid getting hit by all the iron wreckage flying around

I saved a child, taking her into my arms, and entered the skeleton of a building up the road. It was completely burned

I waited with the sleeping child in my arms, then killed the scavenger with his own blunt knife

I re-earthed the old tree in the room but was short on earth and could not fill the gap

I went downstairs and watched the housemates. they put my name on a door. I did not speak to them



From the robot the beggar and the artist
Walk the line for petty cash
Between angry cars and years of scars
When the lights turn from green to red
And his planes dangle from a stick
Recycling cans is his trick
And the beggar sweats in a blanket thick
As the windows stay put
Their heads turn in sync
Back towards the red barrier brink



Tonight I´ll look into your eyes
I will remember how we build our ties
On chance and virtue and sweet soft lies

Tonight I´ll sense why I am here
How you led me here my dear
Tonight this night we need not fear

The wind has always been my guide
I grabbed the branches on the side
Some of them with all my might

The wind has build my bridges strong
eradicated my old songs
only some structures last that long

Tonight we talk of you and me
Of dreams and shadows and burning trees
Tonight has made us free to see

Let us jump the wind that spreads the light
Let it flow us west to the eastern side
Let me catch your thoughts in the pale moonlight



Arousing bottle
Stylish classy in a non pretentious way
Released from an equally smart cask
Abut a pleasant rustling fire spectrum

Lights up the mood
Behind a jazzy cloud
Of distinguished remarks
Inside an obsolescent relic

Here I sit alone…
Holding the universe
At close watch
And arm´s length

Here I sit clear of moral dilemma
Safeguarded from feigned distress
Chaperoned away from the ice-cold dawn
Guarded from twisted obscurity

Here I am championed by the finest of men
Tonight we burn Cedar trees and digest blue fin tuna
Here we exhibit jolly conventional energy
And herald abstract thought

The wit of innovative financing
The triumphant structuring of a complex deal
Surely will pull our economy out of its ailing slump
And light up a million candles for the wanting

Maybe squash tomorrow